"Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start."

I met David on June 11th, 2000 at TMC. However, at the time it was not the big, new, remodeled TMC. nay, nay, my friends. This was when TMC was dark, seedy and cruisy. *eg* I went to TMC to meet with friends. We were going to hang at TMC for a while and then head over to Seven to do some dancing. It was around 6pm or so and the crowd from The Hidden Door Sunday beer bust started arriving. David walked in with his friend Clint, who I had know from the bars for about 2 or so years. What caught my eye was that he looked strikingly familiar to a guy I had seen at The Black Eyed Pea on Tuesday night. So we are all standing around chatting, blah, blah, blah when David and Clint took off to use the facilities. I soon decided that I need to do the same. So, as I am walking to the restroom area, David is walking back. We made a little small talk and I asked him if he was the guy that I saw at The Black Eyed Pea. He said no and asked me my name. So I introduced myself. We talked a little longer (after I finally got to the bathroom), I blew off my friends and a few beers later, we were mugging by the planter. Damn, what a kisser! Wheee! It was around midnight when we finally caught our breathe and sanity and decided it was time for us to go to our respective homes. But not before we traded email address. Score!

Over the next three months, we kept in contact while he was out of town through email and instant messanger. It was somewhere around the 3rd of 4th date that the 'can David spend the night' question came up. All I will say is it was good. Very good. During this time, I was really think long and hard about whether I was ready for a new relationship since I had just gotten out of one 2 months previous. I was also trying to convince myself that I was wanting to be single again. But looking into that handsome rugged face melted my resolve each time. Plus, we connected on so many levels and had so much in common that it was really comfortable. It was some time around September that we actually said the 'L' word to each other (if I recall, it was during a very tender lovemaking moment.) and decided that yup, this was it for both of us and we did not want to see other people.

Since that time, we have been together, as friends, lovers and partners.

This is a picture of us taken from a store front webcam in Zurich, Switzerland. David took me there for Valentine's Day 2001. We went for 3 reasons. 1. Cheap airfare sale on American Airlines. 2. Airmiles to help keep our airline status. 3. A nice romantic weekend vacation. We had a lot of fun while we were there and gorged on way too much frech chocolate. yum. More pictures of the trip will be in the Picture section. Aw. Aren't they cute together? This was taken at a movie theater when we went to see Lord of The Rings with a bunch of my LiveJournal buddies.